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Jonne Kamphorst


Jonne Kamphorst

Research Fellow

Jonne is completing his PhD in Political Science at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. During the 2021-2022 academic year, he was a Fulbright scholar at NYU and Stanford. He has earned an MPhil and MSc in politics and sociology from the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics. Jonne’s work focuses on voting behavior, political parties, and political persuasion. His research examines (i) how social divisions influence political persuasion---that is, the various techniques that political elites use to influence public opinion and political behavior, and (ii) what politicians and parties can do to persuade radicalized, polarized, and disengaged voters to come back to the political mainstream. Jonne is particularly interested in the extent to which the numerous interventions against these potentially harmful phenomena are effective. He is exploring these topics using a selection of methods that employ an experimental logic, specifically (field) experiments and methods of causal inference. When he’s not working, Jonne enjoys backpacking and cooking for friends.

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