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Lab News

  • Lab alum Siyu Yu joins faculty of the Jones School of Business at Rice University

  • Lab member Landon Schnabel accepts Assistant Professor position in Cornell University Sociology Department

  • Lab member James Chu accepts Assistant Professor position in Columbia University Sociology Department

  • Lab alum Samy Sekar begins position at the Analyst Institute

The Polarization and Social Change Lab (PASCL) studies forces that unite and divide Americans.

Polarization of elites and the mass public stands in the way of effective solutions to virtually all societal problems.

Our research is intended to contribute to scientific understanding of these dynamics and produce practical knowledge to reduce the negative effects of political polarization.

Media Coverage

  • Willer and Voelkel write on political empathy for the Washington Post

  • New York Times discusses our research on masculinity and politics

  • Robb Willer quoted on having better political conversations in Teen Vogue

  • Samy Sekar discusses climate change attitude misconceptions with Reasons to be Cheerful