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Lab Values

Business Meeting
  • Doing research that could have a positive impact on people’s lives, beyond academia.

  • Helping to build successful academic or non-academic research careers for lab members.

  • Advancing the theoretical understanding of society and human behavior

  • Dedication to scientific rigor (e.g., best practices in statistical analysis, research design, and interdisciplinary thinking).

  • Commitment to open science principles (e.g., preregistration, posting data and code).

  • Doing research that is innovative and ambitious.

  • Balancing the rigorous, critical evaluation of research with openness and appreciation. Greeting others’ research - including research from other fields - with respect and an attitude of “what can I learn from this?” 

  • Supporting one another interpersonally and intellectually with high quality feedback.

  • Building and sustaining a positive and supportive lab community and culture.

  • Having fun and enjoying our work.

  • Supporting the non-professional lives of lab members (e.g., rest, vacation, personal pursuits).

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