Conservative and liberal attitudes drive polarized neural responses to political content

Yuan Chang Leong, Janice Chen, Robb Willer, Jamil Zaki


Five Experimental Tests of the Effects of Short Messages on Compliance with COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines

Pink, Sophia L., Michael Stagnaro, James Chu, Joe Mernyk, Jan G. Voelkel, and Robb Willer

PsyArXiv Preprint

The Psychology of Entrenched Privilege: High Socioeconomic Status Individuals From Affluent Backgrounds Are Uniquely High in Entitlement.

Stéphane Côté, Jennifer E. Stellar, Robb Willer, Rachel C. Forbes, Sean R. Martin, and Emily C. Bianchi


Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response.

Van Bavel, J. J., Baicker, K., Boggio, P. S., Capraro, V., Cichocka, A., Cikara, M., Crockett, M. J., Crum, A. J., Douglas, K. M., Druckman, J. N. Drury, J., Dube, O., Ellemers, N., Finkel, E. J., Fowler, J. H., Gelfand, M., Han, S., Haslam, S. A., Jetten, J., Kitayama, S., Mobbs, D., Napper, L. E., Packer, D. J., Pennycook, G., Peters, E., Petty, R. E., Rand, D. G., Reicher, S. D., Schnall, S., Shariff, A., Skitka, L. J., Smith, S. S., Sunstein, C. R., Tabri, N., Tucker, J. A., van der Linden, S., Van Lange, P. A. M., Weeden, K. A., Wohl, M. J. A., Zaki, J., Zion, S. & Willer, R.


The Activist's Dilemma: Extreme Protest Tactics Reduce Popular Support for Social Movements

Matthew Feinberg, Robb Willer, and Chloe Kovacheff


Resolving the Progressive Paradox: Conservative Value Framing of Progressive Economic Policies Increases Candidate Support

Jan Voelkel, Joseph Mernyk, and Robb Willer

PsyArXiv Preprint

Threats to Racial Status Promote Tea Party Support Among White Americans

Robb Willer, Matthew Feinberg, and Rachel Wetts

SSRN Working Paper

Moral reframing: A technique for effective and persuasive communication across political divides

Matthew Feinberg and Robb Willer


The Effect of Ideological Identification on the Endorsement of Moral Values Depends on the Target Group

Jan Voelkel and Mark J. Brandt


I Know That I Know Nothing: Can Puncturing the Illusion of Explanatory Depth Overcome the Relationship Between Attitudinal Dissimilarity and Prejudice?

Jan Voelkel, Mark J. Brandt, and Matteo Colombo